short documentary



21" short documentary

A BFI Documentary Society-funded film.


EVE, is an intimate story of a 9-year-old girl called Eve, living in one of the oldest off-grid communities in the UK. Following her journey returning to school and becoming a young climate activist. Her story encapsulates the human complexity of navigating the environmental crisis and what moving to live off-grid really means for a UK family.


director: joya berrow & lucy jane

producer: orban wallace

camera: lucy jane, orban wallace, jack roylance, ruben woodin (16mm)

production manager: balint revesz

sound: leo smith

editor: jamie katakay

score: noemie ducimetrie

colour grade: joseph guy

graphics: raffaela spangenthal

sound design: leo smith 

music: cosmo sheldrake

exec producer: lisa marie

post facilities: edit store

carbon producer: theo grainvilles


a Gallivant Film 2020