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Another News Story

90"feature documentary

Another News Story goes behind the scenes of the global news crews as they chase the refugee story across Europe at the height of the crisis. A riveting insight into the human story of a lone Syrian mother's journey juxtaposed against the unraveling and chaotic news story which held the world captive in 2015.

In today’s chaotic era, what is the who, how, and why of the 24-hour breaking news cycle as it relates to global conflicts and crises? When faced with immeasurable suffering, how do they balance their humanity with professional objectivity and the day to day mundanity of their jobs? Is it possible to walk the line between a good story and sensationalism? Or, glazed, do you just go after another news story?.

Called ‘a brilliant film’ by Charlie Phillips in The Guardian, Another News Story captures both the ground-floor perspective of the European refugee crisis and the jarring press frenzy that surrounds it. 'The end result is probably as profound insight into the true nature of the refugee crisis as you will ever get' P. Stuart Robinson- Montages Magazine

A cinematic and powerful feature debut by director Orban Wallace, which premiered in competition at the prestigious Karlov Vary Film festival, Zurich and IDFA, before playing over 30 film festivals worldwide and being shortlisted for the best international feature at the 2018 Grierson documentary awards. The film had a small theatrical release before it was internationally distributed. 


director: orban wallace
producers: verity wislocki, orban wallace
camera: josh allot, orban wallace, jamie wolfeld
production manager: balint revesz
sound: leo smith
editor: dominic stabb
Score: noemie ducimetri & ash koosha
Gallivant Film
 Wislocki Films


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